Thursday, March 24, 2011

Installing Additional Domain Controller by using IFM for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Promoting an additional domain controller, IFM can reduce the replication traffic which is initiated during the installation of and additonal domain controller in an Active Directory domain. this method is best for WAN link unstable environment.

1. At domain controller, login as Domain Administrator.
2. Click "Start", enter "cmd".
3. At Command Prompt, enter "ntdsutil "Activate Instance ntds" ifm".

Figure 1: IFM mode

4. Enter "Create Full C:\Media".

Figure 2: The process of creating IFM

Remark: C;\Media is the path to the folder where you want the installation media to be created. You can save the installation media to a network shared folder or to any other type of removable media.

5. Quit the ntdsutil.
6. Copy "C:\Media" folder to a server which will be promoted to be a domain controller.
7. At the server, login as local administrator.
8. Click "Start", enter "dcpromo /adv".
9. At welcome screnn, click "Next" twice.
10. Select "Existing forest > Add a domain controller to an existing domain".

Figure 3: Add a domain controller to an existing domain

11. Click "Next".
12. Provide the domain name and domain administrator credential, click "Next" four times.
13. Click "Yes".
14. In the "Install from Media" screen, select "Replicate data from media at the following location".
15. Next to "Location", type "C:\Media".

Figure 4 : Select the location of the media

16. Click "Next" three times.
17. Provide the DSRM mode administrator password, click "Next".
18. Click "Next".

Figure 5: Promoting the Active Directory

As a result, the required data will be replicaed from the media file.

Remark: The lifetime of the IFM is 60 days.

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