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Adprep.exe in Windows Server 2012

Beginning with Windows Server 2012, there is only one version of "Adprep.exe" (there is no 32-bit version, adprep32.exe). Adprep commands are run automatically as needed when you install a domain controller that runs Windows Server 2012 to an existing Active Directory domain or forest.

Reference from Microsoft Technet:
What's new for Adprep.exe?

If you run "Adprep.exe" in Windows Server 2003 environment, you get the following error message.

To add a Windows Server 2012 domain controller in Windows Server 2003 environment, make sure the forest and domain functional level is Windows Server 2003. You also provide the Enterprise Administrator account for dcpromo.

The Goals
Promoting a Windows Server 2012 domain controller in Windows Server 2003 environment.

  • Raise the domain and forest functional level to Windows Server 2003

Assuming that there is 1 domain controller named which is installed Window Server 2003 in I would like to add which is installed Windows Server 2012 in this domain.

1. At DC01, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "ADSI Edit".
3. Expand "Schema [] > CN=Schema, CN=Configuration, DC=fabrikam, DC=com".

4. Right-click "CN=Schema, CN=Configuration, DC=fabrikam, DC=com", select "Properties".
5.  Under "Attribute", next to "objectVersion".

Now, the Active Directory schema version of this domain is 31, Windows Server 2003 R2.

6. At DC02, log in as local administrator.
7. Launch "Server Manager".
8. Click "Add roles and features".
9. On "Before You Begin" screen, click "Next".
10. On "Installation Type" screen, select "Role-based or feature-based installation".

11. Click "Next".
12. On "Server Selection" screen, click "Next".
13. On "Server Roles" screen, check "Active Directory Domain Services", then click "Add Features".

14. Click "Next" three times.
15. On "Confirmation" screen, click "Install".

16, When installation finished, click "Promote this server to a domain controller".

17. On "Deployment Configuration" screen, select "Add a domain controller to an existing domain".
18. Next to "Domain", type "".
19. Click "Change".
20. Provide the  Enterprise Administrator user name and password of "".

21. Click "Next".

Remark: I find that the credentials format is "<NetBIOS>\Administrator". If you type "administrator@<domain name>". You cannot do the further action.

22. On "Domain Controller Options" screen, check "Domain Name System (DNS) server" and "Global Catalog (GC)".
23. Provide the password for DSRM.

24. Click "Next" four times.
25. On "Preparation Options" screen, the wizard will perform "Forest and schema preparation" and "Domain preparation"

26. Click "Next" twice.
27. On "Prerequisites Check" screen, click "Install".

Then, DC02 will restart automatically.

28. Back to DC01, check the schema version again.

The Active Directory schema version is updated to 52.

29. Go to DC02, log in as Domain Administrator.
30. Insert Windows Server 2012 DVD.
31. Launch "Command Prompt".
32. Navigate to "D:\support\adprep", preform "adprep.exe /domainprep /gpprep".

The adprep /domainprep /gpprep command is not run as part of AD DS installation. This command sets permissions that are required for Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP) planning mode functionality.

Reference from Microsoft Technet:
Adprep /domainprep /gpprep command is not run atuomatically

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