Friday, August 10, 2012

Add storage in SQL Server cluster

Assuming that I have to add new storage in my SQL Server 2008 cluster.

  • Make sure the shared disks are ready for the SQL Server 2008 cluster

Lab environment
  • DB02 is member of the SQL Server 2008 cluster with 1 shared disk.

Add 2 shared disk in SQL Server 2008 cluster

1. On the DB02, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Failover Cluster Management".
3. Expand "[Cluster name] > Storage".

4. Right-click "Storage", select "Add a disk".

5. Select the disks and then click "OK".

6. Expand "Services and Applications > SP10SQLGroup01".

Remark: "SP10SQLGroup01" is a group name for SQL Server 2008 cluster in my test environment.

7. Right-click "SP10SQLGroup01", select "Add storage".
8. Select the disks.

9. Click "OK".

10. Right-click "SQL Server", select "Properties".
11. Select "Dependencies" tab.

12. Click "Insert".
13. Under "Resouerce", select "Cluster Disk 4".

14. Click "Insert".
15. Under "Resouerce", select "Cluster Disk 5".

16. Click "OK".
17. Close "Failover Cluster Management".

As a result, the SQL server 2008 cluster can use the other shared disk.

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