Thursday, July 4, 2013

Windows Server 2012 Remote Server Management on domain environment

To add and manage servers in domain environment, we need to perform the following steps.

Lab environment
1) 2 servers named DC01 and DC02 are in same domain
2) The IP addresses of DC01 and DC02 are and

We need to manage DC02 in the Server Manager of DC01.

1. On DC01, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Server Manager".
3. Click "Add other servers to manage".

4. On "Add Servers" window, next to "Name (CN)", enter "DC02".
5. Click "Find Now".

6. Select "DC02" and then click ">" icon.

7. Click "OK".
8. On left pane, click "All Servers".

Now, we can manager DC02 by Server Manager of DC01.

Remark: If you get "Refresh failed" on Server Manager, make sure the firewall rile in servers was enabled "Windows Remote Management (HTTP-In)" for domain profile and the user who manages the server has enough right.

Test result
1. On Server Manager of DC01, right-click "DC02" and then select "Add Roles and Features".
2. On "Before You Begin" window, click "Next" four times.
3. On "Features" window, check "Windows Server Backup".

4. Click "Next".
5. On "Confirmation" window, click "Install".
6. On "Results" window, click "Close".

7. Launch "PowerShell" as administrator.
8. Perform "Enter-PSSession -ComputerName DC02" to enter the remote session of DC02.

9. Perform "Get-WindowsFeature -Name *backup*".

10. Perform "wbadmin" to verify Windows backup feature in DC02.

As a result, we can use Server Manager and PowerShell to manage DC02.

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