Friday, April 3, 2015

Get Windows Event Logs by PowerShell

There are 2 cmdlets to get Windows Event Logs by PowerShell. One is "Get-EventLog". Another is "Get-WinEvent". "Get-EventLog" cmdlet can get the common event logs like the following.

However, if you prefer to get event logs under "Microsoft" folder, we need to perform "Get-WinEvent".

Furthermore, "Get-WinEvent" cmdlet provided more parameters like filtering.

I'm going to perform "Get-WinEvent" to get event logs under Group Policy.

To get event logs from Group Policy, we can perform "Get-WinEvent -LogName <Log Name>".

How to check this log name?
We can check it from the Log Properties.

Or perform "Get-WinEvent -ListProvider <Provider Name>" to check the log name.

In some providers, there is more than 1 Log Name.

To get log properties information, we can perform "Get-WinEvent -ListLog <Log Name>".

We can use FilterHashTable parameter to filter event logs.

Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{LogName = <Log Name>; StartTime = <DateTime>; EndTime = <DateTime>; ID = <Event ID>}

You can just provide a date for "StateTime" or "EndTime" for searching event logs.

For more information about Get-WinEvent, please read the below web sites.

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