Friday, April 1, 2011

Migrate print servers fron Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2

If you would like to migrate print queue and drivers from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 or above, you can install the print server role in the Windows Server 2008  R2. This server role lets you export the old server print queue and drivers to the new server. Before exporting the print queue, you have to install the print driver which is compatible with Windows Vista or above in the old server. When the printer driver isn't compatible, you may get the following error:

Figure 1: The driver can't be back up

The print queue and driver migrate failure.

Assuming the printer driver was installed in Windows Server 2003 print server.

1. At the new print server, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Server Manager".
3. Right-click "Roles", select "Add Roles".
4. At welcome screen, click "Next".
5. Check "Print and Document Services" role, click "Next" twice.
6. Check "Print Server".

Figure 2: Print Server role services

7. Click "Next".
8. Click "Install".
9. Click "Close".
10. Launch "Print Management".
11. At "Print Management" console, right-click "Print Management", select "Migrate Printers".

Figure 3: Printer migration option

12. Select "Export printer queues and printer drivers to a file", click "Next".
13. Select "A print server on the network', type "<Server Name>".
14. Click "Next".

Figure 4: Review the list of items to be exported

15. Click "Next".
16. Select a location and provide a file name

Figure 5: the file name of export data

17. Click "Next".
18. Click "Finish".
19. Right-click "Print Management", select "Migrate Printers".
20. Select "Import printer queues and printer drivers from a file".

Figure 6: Import printer queues option

21. Click "Next".
22. Select a location of the file which is exported as before, click "Next" twice.
23. Select "This print server (\\<Server Name>).

Figure 7: Print server option

Remark: You can select another print server for migration.

24. Click "Next".
25. Still use default settings.

Figure 8: Import options

26. Click "Next".
27. Click "Finish".

As a result, the printer and drivers migrated to the Windows Server 2008 R2 print server.


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