Friday, May 6, 2011

Enable Tech Support mode in ESXi4

When you press [Alt] + [F1] in ESXi console, you can access the Tech Support mode. By default, this setting is disabled.

Press [Alt] + [F2] to return to console.

To enable Tech Support mode, there are 2 methods.

Enable Tech Support mode by console
1. At the console, press [F2].
2. Log in as root.
3. Select "Troubleshooting Options", press [Enter].
4. Select "Enable Local Tech Support", press [Enter].

5. Select "Modify Tech Support timeout", press [Enter].
6. Provide a timeout value, press [Enter].
7. Press [Esc] twice.
8. Press [Alt] + [F1] to enter Tech Support mode.

Enable Tech Support mode by vSphere Client
1. Log in the ESXi server by vSphere Client.
2. Select "Configuration" tab.
3. Next to "Software", select "Security Profile".

4. Click "Properties".

5. Select "Local Tech Support", click "Options".

6. Select "Start and stop with host", click "Start".
7. Click "OK" twice.
8. Next to "Software" section, select "Advanced Settings".
9. At left pane, select "UserVars".
10. At right pane, next to "UserVars.TSMTimeOut", provide the timeout value.


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