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Installing Additional Domain Controller by using IFM for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2

Promoting an additional domain controller, Install from Media (IFM) can reduce the replication traffic which is initiated during the installation of and additional domain controller in an Active Directory domain. this method is best for WAN link unstable environment.

To promote an R2 domain controller, the backup must be taken from the Windows Server 2003 with SP2 domain controller, or from the Windows Server 2003 R2 domain controller. If you try to promote an R2 domain controller with media from an SP1 domain controller, you will receive the following error message:

The operation failed because: Active Directory could not be restored, because the backup files were taken on a different build of the operating system.

Preparing the IFM
1. At a Windows Server 2003 domain controller which is installed global catalog service, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Ntbackup".

3. Click "Advanced Mode".
4. Select "Backup" tab, check "System State".
5. Next to "Backup media or file name", type "C:\IFM.bkf".

6. Click "Start Backup" twice.
7. When the backup is complete, click "Close".
8. Click "Ntbackup".

Prompting an additional domain controller by IFM
1. At the server which you want to dcpromo, log in as local administrator.
2. Copy the "IFM.bkf" to this server C drive.
3. Launch "Ntbackup".
4. Click "Advanced Mode".
5. Select "Restore and Manage Media" tab.

6. Right-click "File", select "Catalog file".
7. Select the "IFM.bkf", click "OK".
8. Expand "File > IFM.bkf created <date> at <time>, check "System State".

9. Next to "Restore files to", select "Alternate location".
10. Next to "Alternate location", type "C:\IFM".

11. Click "Start Restore".

12. Click "OK" twice.
13. When the restore is complete, click "Close".
14. Close "Ntbackup".
15. Click "Start > Run", enter "dcpromo /adv".
16. At welcome screen, click "Next" twice.
17. Select "Additional domain controller for an existing domain".

18. Click "Next".
19. At "Copying Domain Information" window, select "From these restored backup files".
20. Type "C:\IFM".

21. Click "Next".
22. Enter the domain administrator credential, click "Next" three times.
23. Enter the DSRM password, click "Next" twice.

As a result, the required data are being replicating from the media file.
Remark: The lifetime of the IFM is 60 days.

Installing a Domain Controller in an Existing Domain using restored backup media

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