Monday, September 5, 2011

(2148074274) The target principal name is incorrect.

When I perform "repadmin /replsum %computername%", I get the error from one of domain controllers in my production environment.

DC04 can't replicate from DC02. To solve this problem, I have to run the following step in DC02:

1. At the DC02, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Services" console.
3. Right-click  "Kerberos Key Distribution Center", select "Properties"..
4. Next to "Startup type", select "Disabled".
5. Click "Stop".

6. Click "OK".
7. Launch "Command Prompt".
8. Enter "netdom resetpwd /server:<Server Name> /ud:<Domain Administrator> /pd:*".

9. Restart the DC02.

After the computer was restarted, the replication from DC02 resumes normal.

Error Message "Target Principal Name is Incorrect" When manually replicating data between domain controllers

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  1. Did you run the netdom on the server that was ok ?

    Im having an issue with one server out of our seven and assumed I would run netdom on the server not receiving the replication, but from your post you seem to suggest I should run it on the working machine ?

  2. DC02 is the abnormal domain controller, so DC04 can't replicate the AD data from DC02. I performed the above steps in DC02 to fix this problem.

  3. Does anyone know why this happens? it keeps reoccuring to us.

    1. Reference:
      Replication Error "The target principal name is incorrect."

  4. Do we need to re-enable Kerberos Key Distribution Center service?

  5. What a life saver!!!

    Many thanks for your article.