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Enabling urgent Active Directory replication settings between sites

By default,  urgent Active Directory replication is always triggered by certain events on all domain controllers within the same site.

Events That Trigger Urgent Replication
1. Assigning an account lockout, which a domain controller performs to prohibit a user from logging on after a certain number of failed attempts.

Remark: An account unlock is not urgently replicated.

2. Changing the account lockout policy.
3. Changing the domain password policy.
4. Changing a Local Security Authority (LSA) secret, which is a secret from in which private data is stored by the LSA (for example, the password for a tust relationship).
5. Change the password on a domain controller computer account.
6. Changing the relative identifier (known as a "RID") master role owner, which is the single domain controller in a domain that assigns relative identifiers to all domain controllers in that domain.

Enabling urgent Active Directory replication settings between site
To enable urgent Active Directory replication between sites, we have to modify the site link settings.

1. At a domain controller, log in as Enterprise Administrator.
2. Launch "ADSI Edit".
3. Right-click "ADSI Edit", select "Connecto to".
4. Next to "Select a well known Naming Context", select "Configuration".

5. Click "OK".
6. Expand "Configuration > CN=Configuration, DC=<Domain>, DC=com > CN=Sites > CN=Inter-Site Transports > CN=IP".

Remark: You cannot enable change notification for SMTP links.

7. Right-click the site link object, select "Properties".
8. At "Attribute Editor" tab, next to "options", click "Edit".
9. Type "1", click "OK".

Remark:  If the Value(s) box contains a value, you must  derive the new value by using a Boolean BITWISE-OR calculation on the old value, as follows: old_value BITWISE-OR 1. For example, if the value in the Value(s) box is 2, calculate 0010 OR 0001 to equal 0011. Type the integer value of the result in the Edit Attribute box; for this example, the value is 3.

10. Click "OK".

You can repeat the above steps for other site links.

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