Sunday, October 9, 2011

Using KCC updates the manual connection object

By default, KCC doesn't manage the manual connection objects which were create by an administrator.

I read the post "You Are Not Smarter Than The KCC" which talked about the advantage of using KCC generating connection object and how to the manual connection object.

I will show you the step to update the manual connection object by KCC.

1. At a domain controller, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "ADSI Edit".
3. Right-click "ADSI Edit", select "Connect to".
4. Select "Select a well known Naming Context > Configuration".

5. Click "OK".
6. Expand "Configuration > CN=Configuration,DC=<Domain>,DC=COM > CN=Sites > CN=<Site Name> > CN=Servers > CN=<Server Name> > CN=NTDS Settings".
7. At right pane, right-click the manual connection object, select "Properties".
8. Next to "options", click "Edit".
9. Type "1", click "OK".

10. Click "OK".
11. Close "ADSI Edit".
12. Either wait 15 minutes or run "repadmin /kcc" to update the result.

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