Thursday, March 8, 2012

Promote a server to a domain controller on Windows Server 2012 or later

From Windows Server 2000 to Windows Server 2008 R2, Administrators can perform "dcpromo" on a server which you want to be a domain controller. However, Microsoft discontinues "dcpromo" on Windows Server 2012. I'm disappointed that the server can't be performed "dcpromo". When I try to perform "dcpromo" on Windows Server 2012, I get the following window.

On Windows Server 2012, administrators need to set up a domain controller in Server Manager.  I will promote a server to be a domain controller.

Assuming that the server named DC01 was assigned the static IP address.

1. On DC01, log in as Administrator.
2. Launch "Server Manager".

3. Click "Add roles and features".
4. On "Before you begin" screen, click "Next".
5. On "Installation type" screen, select "Role-based or feature-based installation".

6. Click "Next".
7. On "Server Selection" screen, click "Next".
8. On "Server Roles" screen, check "Active Directory Domain Services". Then you will see the following window.

9. Click "Add Features".

10. Click "Next".
11. On "Features" screen, click "Next".
12. ON "AD DS" screen, click "Next".

13. On "Confirmation" screen, click "Install".

14. When installation finished, click "Promote this server to a domain controller".

15. On "Deployment Configuration" screen, select "Add a new forest".
16. Next to "Root domain name", type "".

17. Click "Next".
18. On "Domain Controller Options" screen, select "Windows Server 2003" on "Forest functional level" and "Domain functional level".
19. On "Specify domain controller capabilities", leave the default check boxes.
20. Type the password for "DSRM password".

21. Click "Next" twice.
22. On "Additional Options", click "Next".

23. On "Paths" screen, click "Next".

Remark: For better performance, you may need to change the path of database folder and log files folder.

24. On "Review Options" screen, click "Next".

25. On "Prerequisites Check" screen, if there is no error, you can press "Install" to promote this server to a domain controller.

26. When the promotion finished, the server will restart automatically.

As a result, the server has been promoted to a domain controller.

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