Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enable logging and tracing for Group Policy Preference

It's not easy to troubleshoot "Group Policy Preference" by "Event Viewer", "Rsop" and "Gpresult". In order to troubleshoot the "Group Policy Preference" easily, we can enable the logging and tracing for "Group Policy Preference". By default, the setting isn't enabled. Now, I would like to enable this settings.

Tracing the "Services Policy Processing" of "Group Policy Preference" on a workstation.

The "Services" setting of "Group Policy Preference" which under "Computer Configuration" has been applied to the workstation.

1. On a domain controller, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch "Group Policy Management Console".
3. Navigate to the OU which contains the workstation, create a new GPO named "GPP tracing".

4. Right-click "GPP tracing". select "Edit".
5. Expand "Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Group Policy > Logging and tracing".

6. Double-click "Services Policy Processing".
7. Select "Enabled".
8. Next to "Tracing", select "On".

Remark: The default path of the log files is "%COMMONADDATA%\GroupPolicy\Preference\Trace\". For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, "%COMMONADDATA%" expands to "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data". The equivalent path for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows 7 is "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProgramData" (this folder is hidden by default, but you can manually type the path in Windows Explorer).

Enable Group Policy Preferences Debug Logging using the RSAT

9. Click "OK".

Now, I can trace the Services processing of "Group Policy Preference" only. To trace another process, you need to enable the other process in the GPO.

10. Close "Group Policy Management Editor".
11. Go to a workstation which joined to the domain, log in as Domain Administrator.

Remark: The workstation which I'm using is installed Windows 7.

12. Perform "gpupdate".
13. Launch "Windows Explorer", navigate to "C:\ProgramData\GroupPolicy\Preference\Trace".

The log file of computer has generated.

14. Double-click "Computer.txt"

As a result, I can trace the result in the log file.

Tips for Troubleshooting Group Policy Preferences

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