Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using "Stored User Names and Passwords"

"Stored User Names and Passwords" allows users to verify which Network logon credentials are stored in the computer. The credentials are including, but note limited to, Outlook, Internet Explorer and map the network drive.   "Stored User Names and Passwords"  also can add,  remove, edit, back up and restore the credentials.

Remark: Backup and Restore supports Windows Vista or later.

To launch "Stored User Names and Passwords", perform "rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr" in "Run".

1. To back up the credential, click "Back up".
2. Click "Browse", provide a file name for the backup file.

3. Click "Next".
4. Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete".

5. Provide the password to protect the backup file.

6. Click "Next".
7. Click "Finish".

Then I try to restore the credential from backup file.

8. Remove the credential.

9. Click "Restore".
10. Click "Browse", select the backup file.

11. Click "Next".
12. Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete".
13. Enter the password of the backup file.

14. Click "Next".
15. Click "Finish".

As a result, the credential has been restored.

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