Thursday, July 31, 2014

Allow local users or domain users changing IP address

Sometimes you may receive the request that a local or domain user would like to change the IP address of a notebook computer. To archive this goal, we might add the user to a local administrator group. Adding the user to be an administrator, the user can do all things like installing software on the notebook. You might want this happen. You'd like to let the user to change the IP address or network configuration related only. To prevent the above scenario, administrators might consider adding a user into local "Network Configuration Operators" group. The user under "Network Configuration Operators" group can manage the network connectivity of a computer so the user can change an IP address on the notebook.

To add a user into "Network Configuration Operators" group, administrators can launch "Computer Management" and then add the user into the group.

Or perform "net localgroup "Network Configuration Operators" /add <user name>" as a Command Prompt to add the user into the group.

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