Sunday, September 21, 2014

Migrating File Servers in the same domain

How to migrate a non-DFS file servers? We will talk about the high level migration steps to migrate Windows File Server Role to a new Windows Server in the same domain.
First of all, make sure both file servers were joined to a same domain. Then, administrators can check which folders are sharing by using "Computer Management" or performing "net share" on "Command Prompt".
Remark: ADMIN$, IPC$, C$ are default share of file servers.
After that, administrators can perform "Robocopy" to copy the folder with NTFS permissions from old server to new server or use backup software to back up and restore the folder and file with the same NTFS permissions to a new server.
Then, we can export the share permission settings from the registry of the old file server. The registry path of share permission settings is the following:
Export "Shares" with "Security" registry key. After exporting the registry key, administrators might need to delete the registry settings which you don't want to import to new file servers.
Now, we can import the registry file to a new file server. After importing the registry key, we need to reboot the new file server to make share folder permissions effective.
When all NTFS and Share permissions are correct, we can stop sharing from the old file servers and then update the drive mapping to a new file server.
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