Thursday, June 25, 2015

Improvement suggestion for Mobile Device Management on Office 365

Microsoft tended to use Mobile Device Management (MDM) on Office 365 to replace ActiveSync and provide more security options on Office 365 for administrators and users. It's a good start on Office 365. How Microsoft improves MDM on Office 365? Microsoft can consider adding some features.

1. Apply "Sync Device" on Office 365 admin center
Users can press sync button on Comp Portal app to synchronize the information back to the Office 365. How about server side? There is no button on the web page to request sync data from mobile devices. Microsoft should consider adding this function on MDM of Office 365.

2. Apply "Clear device passcode" on Office 365 admin center
Sometimes users may forget the passcode on their mobile devices. For enrolled mobile devices, Microsoft should consider adding "Clear device passcode" on the web page for administrators to unlock device passcode for users. However, if there is no passcode on mobile devicves, the device isn't compliance. It's temporary. After clearing passcode, users have to enter a new passcode immediately to fulfill compliance requirement

3. Apply "Remote Lock Deviceon Office 365 admin center
Remote lock feature is provided by iCloud or Google account. Does Microsoft consider adding this feature on MDM for managed devices? :-)

4. Check applied MDM policies on Office 365 admin center
As mentioned, we can apply more than 1 policy to a device, even it's not a good practice. If available, I hope Microsoft added a web page to check which MDM policy is assigned to mobile devices.

I think there is still room for improvement of MDM on Office 365. Please give some feedback Microsoft to improve it.  

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