Friday, August 21, 2015

Object doesn't support this property or method on .Net Framework web application of Internet Explorer

Yesterday, I tried to fix an issue which is related to Microsoft .Net Framework application. The application is a web based application and was written by Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. There is a client program is needed to install on a workstation to run it. On Internet Explorer, users need to run some ActiveX components for this application. However, when I ran the program on Internet Explorer. I got the following error.

When a click the application, the application show the error message. "Object doesn't support this property or method".

I tried to use Process Monitor to capture the process. I found that Internet Explorer uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to run the application. According to Application Compatibility in the .NET Framework 4.5, web applications are blocked after installing .NET 4.5 in a workstation.

To solve this issue, we can add EnableIEHosting registry value on a workstation.
1. Launch Registry Editor.
For 32-bit processes, navigate to "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework"

For 64-bit processes, navigate to "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\.NETFramework"

3. Create a new Dword value named EnableIEHosting.
4. Change the value to 1.

Remark: For 32bit processes, you should create the Dword value under "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework".

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