Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Install Windows Admin Center (WAC) on Windows Server 2016 GUI

Windows Admin Center (WAC) is a new product released by Microsoft for servers and client management. WAC is a browser-based app. It supports to manage Windows Server 2012 or later and Windows 10 PC in the current GA version.

1. WMF 5.1 
To manage Windows Server 2016 prior, the server OS is required to install WMF Version 5.1 or higher. For installing WMF 5.1, please visit the following web site. 

2. Enable PowerShell remote on managed servers 
WAC uses PowerShell connection to manage remote servers. Make sure PowerShell Remote connection is enabled. If not, perform Enable-PSremoting –Force on servers

3. Certificate
The connection of Windows Admin Center (WAC) is HTTPS. Administrators are required to prepare a valid web server certificate for WAC 

Install Windows Admin Center
Installing WAC is really simple. Administrators download the MSI file from "Hello, Windows Admin Center!" Web site.

1. Log in as administrator. 
2. Double-click the installation MSI file. 
3. On License Agreement window, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and then click Next.

4. On Microsoft Update setting window, select Use Microsoft Update when I check for updates (recommended), and then click Next. 

5. On Trusted hosts settings window, leave default option, and then click Next. 

6. On web access settings window, use 443 port for access and select Generate a self-signed SSL certificate. This certificate will expire in 60 days option for my lab environment. 

Remark: In production environment, Use an SSL certificate installed on this computer should be selected. The certificate thumbprint is required to enter for installation.

7. Click Install to install Windows Admin Center (WAC). 
8. When installation completed, click Finish. 

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