Saturday, March 19, 2011

Transport rule for “Read” and “Not read” email

At production environments, you may meet the following scenario:

The outside sender sends an email to your user with “Read request”, but your user don’t read the email and then delete it. Microsoft Outlook will automatically send an email to original sender with the following messages:

Figure 1: The reply email

There is no method to modify this setting of the Microsoft Outlook, we need to use transport rules to delete the auto-reply email.

1.     At Hub-Transport server, login as Domain Administrator.
2.     Launch EMC, expand “Organization Configuration > Hub Transport”.
3.     Select “Transport Rules”.
4.     Click “New Transport Rule”.
5.     Under “Name”, type “Delete "Read" and "Not Read" email”.

Figure 2: The policy name

6.     Click “Next”.
7.     Check “when the Subject field contains specific words”.
8.     Next to “Step 2: Edit the description by checking an undefined value”, click “specific words”.
9.     Add “Read:” and “Not Read:”.

Figure 3: The specific words

10.  Click “OK”.

Figure 4: The subject of the condition

11.  Click “Next”.
12.  Check “Delete the message without notifying anyone”.

Figure 5: The action of the rule

13.  Click “Next” twice.
14.  Click “New”.

Figure 6: The result of the rule

15.  Click “Finish”.

Figure 7: The new transport rile

Now, the “Not read” email is deleted by the Transport Rules.

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