Monday, March 16, 2015

Do you have the folloinwg issues when you support MDM, MAM and MCM

In reality, I have supported the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for my customer for 1 year. In this post, I'd like to talk about some issues related to MDM, MAM and MCM.

First of all, how do you educate your IT staff and users to understand and use MDM, MAM and MCM solution? How do you identify that this MDM product is mature? Is it easy to find any support document for this product?

Case 1
Does MDM can control everything on the device?

IT guys expect that MDM can manage the whole mobile device functions. Devices can be controlled like applying Group Policy and registry to the domain workstations. Sometimes, I received the request from IT guys like this.

Users reported that when they install the internal applications which are published by MDM, they have to press Trust button. Can you bypass this on MDM?

No, this cannot be bypassed. It's the policy of Apply to control the application installation which is out of App Store. It's not related to MAM.

Case 2
What should I need to configure Device Passcode or Password of AD accounts?

Some users expect that I entered the user name and password when I enrol MDM. They think they've already entered the passcode for the devices. Based on the password policy of MDM in my supporting environment, users have to set up a passcode for the devices if they agree to use MDM but I receive the call relate to this issue some times.

You may ask do you provide any instruction for users enrolling MDM?
Yes, there is an instruction about enrolling MDM.

Case 3
Can I check which user download which document on Mobile Content Management?

I got this question from some users. They requested to check which user download which document on Mobile Content Management. Is it available to generate a report for this case?

It depends on product. In my supporting product, it cannot. Perhaps, other MCM product can provide this reporting function.

In my point of view, it's difficult to support MDM, MAM and MCM product because there are many factors like too many OS versions, users perspective and so on. If you'd like to discuss more, please leave me your contact. 

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